TIP #10: It is a little known fact that more claims are allowed by the administrative law judges.

In connection with #9 above, it is to your advantage to pursue your claim at least to the level of the review by an administrative law judge if your claim is denied. This is because there is a greater chance your benefits will be allowed by an administrative law judge. The reason for this is not clear. Perhaps the judges interpret the Social Security law more broadly, sometimes outside the guidelines your evaluator at the initial level must use. Perhaps given the opportunity to talk to you face-to-face, they are able to get more of the facts than your evaluator could by phone and mail. At any rate, your chances of being allowed go up according to how far you appeal your case. This isn?t a scientific fact, just a general observation shared by those in the process of evaluating your disability claim. Again, at that level of appeal, it is wise to follow all the above suggestions to expedite your claim, because the other, better-known, fact is that the administrative law judges are extremely backed up, so it may take some considerable time before a judge is able to address your claim. Don?t delay it any further on your end, because the delays become commensurately longer also.



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