TIP #6: Complete all forms promptly and according to instructions.

This may seem like repeating what has been said before about cooperating, and it is in a way. But this point speaks more specifically to the one way you have to impart information, as much information as possible to your evaluator. There are many different forms, and it can seem bewildering, but each form contains information that is valuable in the process. There is a form you fill out when you apply for benefits, forms about your employment history, your daily activities, your pain, and specific questionnaires about things like seizures and asthma, as needed. The important thing for you to remember is that when your evaluator sends a form to you, it is because he needs the information you can supply by filling it out and returning it. Don?t worry that your answers may be inadequate or that you are not sure what to put. Just fill out the forms you receive as carefully and fully as you can, and your evaluator can call you if he needs more information in some particular or other. Don?t worry about spelling or grammar-all the evaluator is interested in is the facts you provide. Just do your best, and everyone will be served well, including you.



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