TIP #1: Provide information in detail regarding medical treatment sources.

The more information the disability evaluator has to start with, the better able she will be to do a quick and thorough job on your claim. The information needed by the evaluator includes complete names and addresses of doctors you have seen and hospitals where you have been treated. This should also include dates of treatment and types of treatment given. Provide names of medicines prescribed, whether you took them as prescribed, and how effective they were. If you had physical therapy or other kinds of treatment, such as counseling from a psychologist or family counselor, you should provide information in the same detail regarding these sources of information. Do not assume that the evaluator will not be interested in old sources of medical information. Give her a full picture and let her sort out the necessary from the unneeded. If you have some question whether a source of information you felt was necessary to understanding your condition, be sure to include that source on any appeal you make, as the succeeding evaluator will be required to contact all sources included on your appeal application.



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