TIP #2: Provide information regarding work in detail.

One of the areas where it is vital to obtain detailed information is the area of your work history. Your evaluator will need to know all the jobs you held in the fifteen years prior to applying for benefits, and she will need to know exactly what you did, how long you did it, how much you lifted and carried, what other duties you had, what special schooling was required, if any, and a multitude of other details. This information is usually solicited on a form that your evaluator will send to you, or the Social Security office may have already helped you fill one out. When you receive this form, please fill it in carefully and in detail. The more information you give, even seemingly trivial details of your job, the better your evaluator can assess whether you could do that work or not. If you do not provide enough detail to tell exactly what you did for a living, she will have to call you or write you for more detail, and that delays the case again. Information about tools used, procedures performed, environmental conditions, etc., will all be helpful. Don?t worry about writing too much on this particular form.



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