TIP #13: Remember that no one gets disability forever without a review every three to seven years.

Social Security disability and SSI disability benefits are not guaranteed forever. Depending on the type of impairment you have, your condition may be looked at again in anywhere from three to seven years, and even sooner if your condition is one that would be expected to improve. These are called diary dates that are place on your case at the time your benefits are allowed. You may know people who have been on disability for much longer than seven years and wonder how that can be. There were some periods of moratoriums on doing these reviews due to congressional actions, and if a person?s diary date fell within a moratorium, he would not have gotten reviewed in a timely way. However, now there are no moratoriums and a hefty percentage of your evaluator?s case load consists of these "continuing disability reviews." In other words, everyone?s day will come for a review.



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