TIP #14: Threats to the adjudicator will usually only spell trouble for you.

On rare occasions, a claimant may feel it appropriate to threaten the evaluator with bodily harm. Perhaps the claimant is frustrated with the slowness of the process. Perhaps his claim has been denied, and he feels the evaluator had some personal thing against him. All such threats are taken seriously, and if made, they are reported to the appropriate authorities along with the name, address, phone, and anything else known about the person making the threat. If you seriously threaten your evaluator, or if you even sound serious, you will be visited by an officer of the law in your area. Remember that nothing your evaluator does is done out of malice for you. She has too many cases to work on to be concerned with that. Don?t even consider using threats as a way to get your way or get back. ALL THREATS ARE TAKEN WITH THE UTMOST SERIOUSNESS.



Copyright © 1998 D. Wentz Jenkins