TIP #15: If at all possible, maintain a stable mailing address and have at least a message phone throughout the process.

It is crucial to the processing of your claim that you establish and maintain a stable mailing address throughout the process of evaluating your disability. Please notify your evaluator if you need to change your address. Do this directly, as the information usually gets delayed or stopped if you simply notify the Social Security office. Your evaluator is not located at the Social Security office. She is in a separate agency of the state where you live, which performs the evaluations for Social Security. It is important that you let her know directly of any address change. If you are using an address for a mail drop, please check frequently for any mail from your evaluator. She will most likely need to contact you for information or to send you an appointment notice for an exam. Some of these notices are very time-sensitive, so check regularly and often. Similarly, please have at least a message phone where you can be called or receive messages that are more urgent. This can be the phone of a friend, relative, or neighbor. Again, check frequently for messages in case your evaluator needs to contact you about something urgent, or if she is just trying to save you both a little time in processing. Keep yourself as available as you can by these means, so that your evaluator can work more efficiently to process your claim.



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